mo-bile (adjective) = mortgage solutions that come to you, saving you time and money.

I come to you

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mo-bile (adjective) = mortgage solutions that come to you, saving you time and money.

I come to you

“Definitely a miracle worker when it comes to mortgages”,   L. Hemphill, Client – ☆☆☆☆☆

“My husband and I used Michelle Kelly for our last mortgage, we found Michelle to be super easy to talk to, she was always available when we had any questions and she beat the rate that our bank had offered us. I would highly recommend Michelle.”  Rob & Michelle  – ☆☆☆☆☆

“Michelle Kelly was fantastic! She worked so hard to get us our mortgage approval. Against all odds, it seemed, but she got it done and we are loving our new home!!!
Thanks again Michelle”
,   Christine Garland – ☆☆☆☆☆


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Why Michelle?


Saves You Time

Because she shows up where you want when you want.

Saves You Money

Michelle has access to over 40 lenders who will compete for your mortgage.

Offers Unbiased Advice

Michelle works for you, not the banks.

Complimentary & Obligation Free Service

That’s right there is no cost to you.

Meet Michelle

Professional, Trustworthy, Dedicated, Experienced

Welcome – If you are here it’s most likely because of a past client recommendation, all of my business is built on past clients referrals and I am looking forward to adding you to that list – Together with my team – TEAM KELLY, we are here to guide you through the process of finding the best possible mortgage for YOU. We know that you are a unique individual and so your mortgage needs will be unique and individually suited to align with what is important in your life. Perhaps it’s having the lowest possible monthly mortgage payment, or having a flexible mortgage that allows for lump sum payments, skipping a payment or adding a line of credit – whatever the case we can find a solution that’s right for you.

As a mortgage broker with over a decade of experience I know the importance of having an expert team on hand. My team and I have relationships with banks and lenders that allow us to find a mortgage solution for every unique situation.

Some of the benefits of working with Michelle Kelly & Team Kelly

  • Over a decade of industry experience
  • Expert knowledge
  • Relationships with over 40 lenders
  •  Working for the client’s best interest
  • Complimentary no fee service

At Team Kelly we are Professional, Trustworthy, Dedicated, Experience

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Let me tell you a little about myself, I fell in love with real estate in the late 90’s and after a short tenure as a realtor I moved over to the other side of real estate (financing it) as a mortgage broker. I absolutely love what I do, there is nothing more rewarding than helping clients become homeowners and build up their real estate portfolio. I pride myself in being able to get the most amazing deals on not only mortgage rates but also on the complete mortgage product (paying attention to the fine print in your mortgage is the part that can save you thousands of dollars and that’s where my expertise really kick in). I am looking forward to working for you.

  • Over a decade of industry experience
  • Relationships with over 40 lenders
  • Working for your best interest
  • Complimentary no fee service


At Team Kelly we offer various financing and lending options to help you achieve the dream of owning your own home:

  • First time homebuyer
  • Renewing or Transferring
  • Pre-Approvals
  • Repeat purchaser
  • Refinancing
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Private Financing
  • Construction Financing
  • Commercial Financing
  • Line of Credit

Michelle Kelly together with Team Kelly are licensed Squamish mortgage brokers, who are dedicated to helping people find the perfect mortgage solutions for their life.

What Our Customers Are Saying

”Michelle Kelly provided a crash course in all things mortgage, answered every obscure question I had and found me a rate well, well below what my colleagues had found with their banks. I was so lucky to have found Michelle, and have had two of my more mortgage-savvy colleagues switch over to her as their broker. I cannot speak highly enough of her work ethic, and care and concern she provides her clients”

Megan Bulloch – Professor – Quest University

“When our own bank of 10 years turned us down on our mortgage application I decided to call Michelle just to double check on our qualifications. Not only did Michelle come back to us with a quick approval, she also got us a fantastic rate.
I have now used Michelle on several occasions to purchase investment properties, I highly recommend her services.”

Suzanne W.


First Time Home Buyer

My passion is working with first time homebuyers. As a first time home buyer you are excited about your options and want to get the very best deal available, but it can seem overwhelming and daunting. My objective is to make the whole experience one that you will look back on with pleasure rather than stress. Remember I am here to save you save you time and money – and there is no cost to you for my services. Here is what some of my other first time home buyers are saying.

First Time Home Buyer

”Michelle Kelly provided a crash course in all things mortgage, answered every obscure question I had and found me a rate well, well below what my colleagues had found with their banks.  I was so lucky to have found Michelle, and have had two of my more mortgage-savvy colleagues switch over to her as their broker.  I cannot speak highly enough  of her work ethic, and care and concern she provides her clients”

Megan Bulloch

Professor, Quest University

Renewing  or Transferring

My best piece of advice to you is simply – Don’t sign your renewal until we speak!

So many people make this mistake and pay the price for it.  If your mortgage is up for renewal, it’s a great time to consider the options available out to you.  This could be an ideal time to leveridge the equity in your home and perhaps pay down debts, or use some equity to renovate or invest in other properties.

Let’s have a conversation before you renew –some of the benefits include:

  • Better interest rates and mortgage flexibility
  • Consolidate debt
  • Restructure your mortgage for better payment options
  • Restructure your mortgage to pay it down faster
  • Get over 40 lenders competing for your mortgage
  • No cost to switch lenders


Michelle, thank you so much for your insight and having me look at other offers before signing an auto renewal from my bank. Your advice was bang on, I feel like finally I have my mortgage and my debts in a manageable space for the first time in years.  I can’t thank you enough.

Lauren E.

North Vancouver


You need a road map to truly know how to reach your destination in the fastest and most efficient way possible – think of your pre-approval as the roadmap.  A pre-approval is a quick and simple process to give you the insight on how much you can qualify for and how to make your purchasing dreams a reality.

Repeat Purchaser

So this isn’t your first time around the block, as a second or third time investor sometimes we feel like we know the ropes – but believe me with this ever changing mortgage market you need to ensure you are kept up to date so that you can make the right decisions.  My job all day every day is to keep abreast of these changes.

Join my client list and I will keep you up to date with new mortgage news and other offers.


There are many reasons why you might want to refinance, or increase, your existing mortgage.  When refinancing it is critical that you ask yourself what the next few years of your life plan might be.  We will examine your current and future goals

Are you looking to do any of the following:

  • Renovate your current home
  • Invest in other real estate
  • Consolidate other debts
  • Help a dependent with tuition fees
  • Assist a child with a mortgage down payment

This is the ideal time to consider what you want from your refinance, with your free no obligation mortgage review I can assist you to consider the many options available to you.

Other Services

As well as the standard mortgage products that I offer I also offer many other services such as :

  • Private Financing
  • Construction Financing
  • Commercial Financing
  • Line of Credit
Other Services

Some Helpful Information About Squamish From Team Kelly

The town of Squamish is located in the beautiful province of British Columbia, north of Vancouver and south of Whistler! It has a population of 19,512, which means that the town is a close-knit community!

It has its beginning thanks to the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, in the 1910s.

Located an hour away from Whistler and Vancouver, it has become an attractive option for people who are looking to be close to the two cities, but not have to pay the high real estate prices.

Tourism is also one of the most important parts of the economy, and the area has many things to offer for outdoor enthusiasts

The Town of Squamish

Squamish is situated on the scenic Sea to Sky Highway between the largest city in British Columbia, Vancouver and the ski resort town of Whistler. The town is surrounded by a spectacular mountain backdrop and located within a temperate rainforest.

A strong, vibrant and healthy community, it is envied for its wide range of recreational activities. It offers world class trails, rock climbing, proximity to the ocean and abundant wildlife, which make it an outdoor person’s dream!

A diverse arts and culture scene is growing here and the town is home to many photographers, filmmakers, musicians and singers entertain on a regular basis.

Squamish is recognized as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada because of the never-ending outdoor activity options available here!

If you are an animal lover, there is no better place to see wildlife then in Squamish and the surrounding areas! In the area there is:

  • Fishing
  • Bird and Eagle watching
  • Whale watching

And so much more!

For the outdoor sports enthusiasts there is ski resorts in the surrounding area, with Whistler Blackcomb being a world-famous ski resort.

Down the coast there is also great opportunities to learn to surf or just relax on the beach!

In nearby Vancouver you can watch two major sports teams and join in on the excitement!

The Vancouver Canucks of the NHL, who’s schedule can be found here.

The Vancouver Whitecaps who’s schedule can be found here.

Squamish Mortgage and Real Estate

In the last quarter of 2017 the average house price was $731,371, and the homes spent a median of 42 days on the market.

The yearly increase in the average house price was 34%, and the selling to listing ratio was 99%!

After seeing historic years in 2016 and 2017, the housing market will come back down to the historical average.

I make sure to keep up mortgage news and on and rate changes on a regular basis.

Squamish Mortgage rates are expected to rise modestly over the period 2018-2019.

5-year mortgage rate is expected to lie within the 4.9%-5.7% range in 2018.

Of course, as a Squamish Mortgage Brokers, Team Kelly is here to help you every step of the way, and to find you the perfect mortgage and loan solution for your situation.

Why a Mortgage Broker?

As Squamish Mortgage Brokers, Team Kelly is pleased to be part of the Xeva Mortgage network.

We have access to a wide range of lenders that will be competing for your business therefore offering a variety of products for you to choose from and the best interest rates possible. As a member of the Xeva Mortgage Team we have access to more than 40 lenders including Canada’s largest banks, Credit unions, Trust Companies and private lenders. We give you unbiased advice and take the time to go through all your financing options. Team Kelly will make sure you get the best mortgage available for your needs. We work for you, not the banks.

We are also Mobile Mortgage Specialists, this means that we bring all for the fantastic services that a mortgage broker provides to you, where it best suits you!

Looking for the best mortgage rates & agent in Squamish, BC? Contact Team Kelly today!

Squamish Mortgage Broker


Michelle Kelly is your local Squamish Mortgage Broker. If you are looking for your first mortgage in Squamish, or looking to refinance your existing mortgage in Squamish. Be sure to give Michelle a call today on 778-9871062. When it comes to mortgage brokers in Squamish, Michelle Kelly is the top rated choice.


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